Researching judicial argument and public culture.
I am a Postdoctoral Teaching Associate in the Department of Communication Studies at Northeastern University.  In August 2013, I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Ph.D. in Speech Communication and Gender & Women's Studies.    

My research focuses on the relationship between judicial writing and what I call “radical,” or anti-establishmentarian queer of color political advocacy. I defended my dissertation, "Judicial Rhetoric and Radical Politics: Sexuality, Race, and the Fourteenth Amendment," in April 2013.

At Northeastern, I teach courses in Public Speaking, and Persuasion & Rhetoric.  I taught a variety of courses at Illinois, including Sexuality in U.S. Public Culture, Argumentation, Communicating Public Policy, Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies, Popular Media and Culture, and Introduction to Oral and Written Communication.  In Spring 2012, I taught a seminar in argumentation theory for the Education Justice Project.  

I am the past Communications Officer of the Graduate Employees Organization (Illinois Federation of Teachers/American Federation of Teachers Local 6300).